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What to Wear: Summer Dressing in a Business Environment

Posted on December 4, 2021 by Edgar Tramp

Choosing appropriate clothing for the business environment can be challenging at the best of times. It becomes more difficult when temperatures rise and we feel being fully covered is uncomfortable and downright hot. It becomes even more of a challenge when we leave home in sweltering heat and then move into an air conditioned work environment. How do we dress? What should we wear?

Understanding how to dress for the summer heat and still stay comfortable and specialist has the capacity to enhance your professional image and possibly even move you up a notch or two.

The Rules of Summer Dressing in a Business Environment:

* Concentrate on specialist: Resist the temptation to wear clothes that reveals bare skin. Low necklines, shorts, sleeveless tops, sheer tops, bare legs are amazing for summer weather but are more fitting for barbecues and nightclubs than a day on the job. When choose our clothing we're also selecting an image to project. If your aim is to move up in the company world keep your company clothes professional.

* Wear lightweight clothing: it is still possible to stay cool and not show skin. Choose fabrics that are lightweight like cotton and linen. For instance wear a cotton jacket over a lightweight blouse or put on a sweater set. If it gets too hot you can get rid of the jacket and still be covered underneath. If you operate in an air-conditioned surroundings you will appreciate the additional layer while you're inside and the option of removing it once you move in the heat.

* Pick the appropriate footwear: Simply because it's summer does not mean that shoes can be worn anywhere. Sandals aren't appropriate in a professional setting. Wear just closed shoes such as pumps and sling backs.

* Steer clear of clothing that spells"summertime": This implies bright jewelry, cropped trousers or skorts. Summer clothes can be worn in a professional environment but ever so subtlety. Wear lighter colored accessories and clothes but nothing that attracts attention. By way of instance, pick a pastel blouse or brightly coloured professional handbag.

* Wear loose clothes: Choose to wear skirts and trousers in a light fabric so the fabric glides on your hips and tummy. White is wonderful for summer but will show every bump and bulge if worn too tightly.