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Tips in Choosing the Right Kind of Sunglasses

Posted on June 18, 2021 by Edgar Tramp

Today, sunglasses have become everyone's bestfriend. We never leave home without them. We carry them just about anywhere our lives take us. We never miss out on every opportunity to sneak at the shades counter whenever we get the opportunity. Sunglasses are fast becoming indispensable. They do not just keep out those dangerous UV rays but they also exude a lot of attitude. They are our eyes on the world, especially the fashion world. The world ultimately looks better and hipper through the lenses. However, with all the variety of trends coming on the scene, how do we pick the right colors? How do we know they fit our facial profile?

Here's a list of quick tips for sunglasses picks to suit your face:

Square Face

You need slightly curved frames with the top rated large enough on the face to downplay the jaw line. Attempt aviator or wrap designs that fit your moods.

Round Face

Straight or angular frames at a deep color such as black or tortoise flatter the features of your face. For a good fit, try square-framed sunglasses with colored lenses.

Triangular Face

Defined by a wide forehead and a narrow mouth and mouth, your face could be paired with thin rims and vertical lines. Sleek oval frames with colored lenses looks becoming on you.

Oblong Face

Like the square face with a bit more length, the shape of your face looks best with a frame that covers as much of the middle of the face as possible. Avoid big frames, heavy nose bridges, bold colors and square shapes. Rely on updated classics for a stylish look.

Oval Face

With an oval shape, it is possible to select more shapes than any other. However, never forget to select frames in proportion to the size of your face.

Apart from finding the ideal frame for your face, you should also consider frames that are proportional to your nose. Oversize frames balance out a big nose, while short noses should discover sunglasses with a high bridge and a light shade. Long noses are complemented by a double bridge and frames with high sidebars, drawing attention toward temples.

A good rule of thumb: Go for the framework that's opposite from the shape of your face. Consider the term"balance" and be certain to have fun with a variety of shaped frames before you choose your final option.