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Shop Right, Look Great!

Posted on January 19, 2022 by Edgar Tramp

All through history one thing hasn't changed and that's in any given century, fashion has been of great value to us. It changes over time and often comes back in style many times over. But why is fashion so important to us? We go to such great lengths to look just perfect. Lets face it; we're judged by how we look. That may sound shallow but it's true. Just go out anywhere and really start looking at people. Observe your own reaction and thoughts when you see how people dress and carry themselves.

Some people are born blessed with terrific genes. Others need a little assistance. In either case we can all increase our look through clothes, makeup, jewelry and personal cleanliness.

Before you shop lets have a look at what you can do to enhance your overall look.

* Look at your own hairstyle. Does this really suit you? Is the color right? The ideal haircut and colour can make more of a difference than you might realize. Shop for a fantastic hairdresser.

* Makeup can change your look from ordinary to amazing, but take note; you will want to buy products which are natural. Our environment is polluted enough and we do not have to add to it by placing chemical products on our skin which could make us break out.

* Before you go shopping for clothing, stand before a mirror and look over your body. Choose what you enjoy about it and what you do not. Everything you like about it you will want to enhance. Do not be shy to advertise your very best body features. There are things you can do in order to put less focus on what you do not like such as if your thighs are wider than your shoulders, do not wear tight clothing. You will only draw attention there. Also don't wear loose fitting shirts as it's going to only give you an overall look of being big. It is all about balancing your figure. You have probably observed young women in the mall with low cut jeans. A number of them pull it off nicely but when you see belly hanging over it, it is not a fantastic look as that's all you actually see. Also wear clothes which are age appropriate. I have seen very young women and old girls dressed in sexy outfits. It doesn't come off right and generally meets with a idea of instant disapproval. Also, very important, wear colours that suit you. If you don't understand then get a friend to go with you and hold up colours to your face and see what looks best.

* Shop for accessories such as a purse that compliments your sneakers. You may also make a significant statement by doing something easy like pulling your own hair back and placing long dangling earrings and no other jewelry.

In summary, know before you go. Know your body and shopping will simpler. You may look better. Bear in mind, people are judging you by your physical appearance. It is human nature.