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How to Spot a Fake Designer Purse or Handbag

Posted on August 23, 2021 by Edgar Tramp

Once you finally decide to dish out a large quantity of cash for a handbag, you'll want to make sure it's the actual thing you're purchasing and not a cheap knock-off. With the popularity of handbags at the present time, its no wonder so many companies are ready to create knock-off versions of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other high-fashion handbags. We want to be certain that you know when you're being ripped off so you can invest your well-earned cash on something that's really authentic. Here are some hints which will help you spot a fake designer handbag when you see one:

The Fabric

The fabric used to fabricate top notch brand name handbags is clearly different than the material used for fakes. If there's wrong stitching or when the substance is faulty in the slightest manner, it is likely that it isn't a name brand handbag. High-fashion handbags will always have actual materials, they won't use imitation leather or fake animal skin and you'll find the real deal 100 percent of their time.

Small Detailing

The excellent thing about genuine handbags is they are exceptional and hours upon hours go into creating each one exactly perfect. Designer handbags will frequently have extra stitching and detailing such as small diamonds, buckles or zippers that make them truly unique to any other designer. As mentioned above, the diamonds on name brand handbags are also actual 100 percent of their time.

Study the Celebrities

The best way to ascertain whether a handbag is a fake is by analyzing the actual ones and the best way to do this is through celebrities. Stars will always have actual name brand designer purses. Most people today recognize the plan of Louis Vuitton purses because of Jessica Simpson and the hype she's created for the company. When you constantly see stars sporting specific kinds of handbags you'll tend in discovering the difference between fake and real ones.

Brand Name Labels

Many brand name handbag designers will place a custom tag or emblem on their items that indicate they are authentic. The names sometimes appear on zippers or pockets and some companies prefer to put it in precisely the exact same spot on each handbag to make sure their clients know it is real.

It's important to know that you're getting what you pay for when it comes to designer handbags. If you're instincts are telling you that the bag is a fake, it is likely that you're probably right and its best to leave the bag where it lies. With the amount of money you're spending on those items, you need to be certain that the bag you are buying is authentic and worth every penny you're spending.