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Are Your Sheepskin Boots Ready for Another Winter?

Posted on November 12, 2022 by Edgar Tramp

Are you one of the numerous a large number of fashion conscious, comfortable footwear loving, downright sensible those who have discovered the joy of real sheepskin boots? Are your beautiful sheepskin boots looking just a little dirty and sorry for themselves after all of the effort of keeping you warm and snug last winter (and perhaps some winters before that too)? Can you look at your once pristine Uggs and believe maybe they've seen better days?

Well - don't consign them to the rubbish bin at this time because now could be time for you to give them just a little wash and brush up and see if you cannot encourage them to appear looking as effective as new.

Boots which were made from top quality real sheepskin have become easy to look after. They may be hand washed in close to virtually no time and provided you utilize a particular sheepskin shampoo or mild soap flakes they'll be fine. (Do be cautious everything you use though - I stripped the color from the cheap couple of sheepskin boots through the use of too strong a detergent! So now I take advantage of a specially formulated sheepskin shampoo and also have had far better results!) Also - usually do not under any circumstances be tempted to place them in the washer - you'll regret it!

From personal experience There is the best solution to use is really as follows:

  • Fill a basin with lukewarm water and then add sheepskin shampoo. Stir the shampoo in to the water (it will not foam quite definitely but don't worry). The fundamental thing to keep in mind when washing real sheepskin is that it generally does not prefer to get too hot - water that's too hot can make the wool's fibres seize up. If you have ever machine washed a pure wool jumper which should only have already been hand washed you should understand why - it's quite astonishing how a grown-up sized jumper can shrink to how big is dolls clothing in only one wash!
  • Dunk the complete boot in to the water almost around the very best of the boot - do not get an excessive amount of water in the very best of the boot if you don't specifically desire to wash the insides. (In order to it is possible to take the sheepskin insoles out and wash them separately - There is this freshens the boots up nicely with no need to clean the insides). You will end up amazed how dry the insides of the boot remain even though you dunk the entire boot in to the water - it just would go to prove the assertion that real sheepskin is naturally water-resistant.
  • Using the hands just pour the soapy water on the boot and massage the boot surface to obtain it clean - if they're very dirty I take advantage of a soft nail brush to gently scrub them - but do take care not to damage the suede outer surface of the sheepskin.
  • Once clean the boots could be rinsed, either under running water or in another basin filled with clean water.
  • Squeeze the boots gently to eliminate the surplus water and blot the outsides and stuff the insides with clean kitchen towel.
  • They now have to be left to dry naturally - from direct heat. You will need to show patience as this may take a couple of days according to the ambient room temperature but do not be tempted to place them on a radiator - they could go hard and you also could permanently damage the sheepskin.
  • Once the boots are completely dry it is possible to brush them to create up the suede surface, although I've never felt the necessity to do that.
  • Lastly & most importantly, do not forget to re-protect them after they are clean by spraying them with sheepskin or suede protector spray.
  • If you take care of your real sheepskin boots they'll look after the feet for years ahead - just what exactly are you looking forward to - get those boots washed and ready for the coming winter now!.